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Terms of Use

Terms of Use for Photos of Kommersant AO

  1. These terms govern the use of photographic works (hereinafter referred to as «Photos»), located on the website photo.kommersant.ru in the section .... (hereinafter - the «Site»). Photographs also include drawings, illustrations and other works made by means similar to photography.
  2. These Terms are not a public contract or offer, are intended only to inform an indefinite number of persons.
  3. The exclusive rights to the Photos belong to Kommersant JSC.
  4. For each photo posted on the Site, the provisions of these Terms apply equally.
  5. The use of Photos is allowed only on condition that the person wishing to use the Photos is entered into a license agreement with Kommersant JSC or with the prior written consent of Kommersant JSC. Any person using Photos is hereinafter referred to as «User».
  6. Photographs may be used by the User at no cost only if the User obtains the prior written consent/permission of Kommersant. Kommersant JSC reserves the right to refuse such permission without giving reasons.
  7. Unless otherwise provided by the license agreement with the User in case of any use of Photos, the User is obliged to post a link like «© Kommersant JSC/Author of Photos», and in the case of using photos free of charge, on the main page of the User’s site the logo of Kommersant in the form of a hyperlink to the website of Kommersant JSC.
  8. Users are prohibited from any alteration and processing of Photos, the addition of materials, illustrations and other graphic materials not contained in the original, other than the technical processing of Photos.
  9. Photos are provided with «as is» quality. Kommersant JSC does not guarantee that the Photos, their content and quality will meet the requirements and expectations of the User. The user has the right, before entering into a license agreement, to clarify with Kommersant JSC the technical parameters of any Photos on the website.
  10. Kommersant JSC does not obtain the consent of the persons depicted in the Photos for their use for any purpose, including the commercial use of the image. The user independently determines the possibility of using the Photo taking into account the rights of the citizens depicted on them.
  11. Kommersant JSC reserves the right to change and/or supplement these Terms at any time, without prior notice to Users. Changes and/or additions to the Terms are made by posting their new edition, which comes into force from the moment of its publication on the Site. All relations between the User and Kommersant JSC are governed by the wording of the Terms and Conditions, which was valid at the date of granting the User the right to use the Photos. Users must independently follow the updates to these Terms.
  12. In the event that information is received about a violation of the rights of Kommersant or the authors when using the Photos of Kommersant, in order to stop the infringement of intellectual rights, it takes all necessary measures to establish the violator’s website page and/or the network address on the network «Internet» on which the Photos are illegally posted, fixes the fact of violation and collects other legal evidence to identify the offending User and make demands on him.
  13. The use of Site Photos without written permission from Kommersant JSC and/or not within the framework of a license agreement is a violation and is prosecuted in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation. All rights reserved.
  14. Kommersant JSC reserves the right to protect its rights and legitimate interests by any legal means provided by law, including by way of legal proceedings and bringing to criminal responsibility for the unlawful use of Photos as objects of copyright.