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Fire in the Kolpinsky district at the Metallostroy warehouse.

Genre photography. Hoarfrost on the grass.

Genre photography. Checking the condition of basements to shelter people in case of emergencies.…

Opening ceremony of a new line at the enterprise PK "Aqualife" of the group of companies…

Genre photography. Road signs lie on the grass.

Consideration of an appeal against the sentence of American basketball player Brittney Griner,…

Genre photography. Tourists descend the stairs from the observation deck on the colonnade of St.…

Solemn opening ceremony of the exhibition of the winners of the only in Russia International…

Genre photography. Solar eclipse. Cross on the dome of an Orthodox church.

Genre photography. Solar eclipse. Monument to Emperor of Russia Peter the Great ("The Bronze…

President of the Moscow Biennale Yulia Muzykantskaya during an interview at the State Tretyakov…

Views of Moscow. Ostankino Tower. Trail from the flight of a supersonic aircraft in the sky.

Genre photography. Solar eclipse.

Genre photography. Solar eclipse.

Genre photography. Solar eclipse. The girl watches the eclipse through the CD-disk.

Genre photography. Solar eclipse. A fragment of the monument at the Memorial to those who died in…

Solar eclipse. Genre photography.

Solar eclipse in St. Petersburg. Genre photography.

Plenary session of the XXIV World Russian People's Council on the theme "Orthodoxy and the world in…

Views of Moscow. Genre photography. Mannequins in the window of the Central Department Store.

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